Avista’s New Weather & Incident Forecasting Tool Offers a Better Customer Experience

Avista Corp. transformed its Emergency Operating Plan (EOP) into a Weather and Incident Forecasting Tool to improve operational efficiency and provide a better customer experience. Through internal research and first-hand experiences, Avista determined that a Weather and Incident Forecasting Tool was needed. The tool leverages historical weather data, observed outages, infrastructure, and weather forecasts to create a model that will predict outages based on observed conditions and past events. During an extreme weather-related outage in November 2022, the Forecasting Tool allowed Avista to properly staff resources that were most impacted. This resulted in faster and more efficient restoration of service. This project won Chartwell’s Bronze Best Practices award in Outage Operations.


Andrew Barrington, Products and Services Manager, Avista

Andrew joined Avista Corporation in 2022 as a Products and Services Manager with direct responsibilities in Unplanned Outages, Energy Management Tools and Billing & Payments. Prior to joining Avista Corp. Andrew spent the past twelve years in Airport Management, and has developed an expertise in service improvement, operations management, business development and customer service.

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