BGE Dives Into Data To Reinvigorate an Energy Efficiency Program for Small Businesses

BGE Dives Into Data To Reinvigorate an Energy Efficiency Program for Small Businesses 

How do you turn around an underperforming program? BGE’s Small Business Energy Solutions Program was struggling to meet annual goals for participation and energy savings. The program offers small businesses and nonprofits turnkey solutions to help improve energy efficiency at a reasonable cost, so the flagging participation numbers indicated a critical need for targeted awareness generation.  

In 2019, BGE partnered with ICF to create a comprehensive, multiplatform campaign to engage new and previous participants by promoting new cost-effective measures, supporting program contractors and hypertargeting communications to reach ideal participants. Participation rates and energy savings have soared, achieving 142% of goal. 

This utility is taking home Gold in Chartwell’s Best Practices Awards for the Program Marketing category.  

Speaker: Amber Williams, Senior Marketing Specialist, BGE 

Amber Williams is a senior marketing specialist at BGE, where she develops and implements strategic marketing plans for the utility’s nationally recognized energy efficiency programs. 
Since joining BGE in 2017, Amber has created award-winning, results-driven marketing campaigns that reach nearly 1.3 million customers.