Exelon Offers Seamless Hand-off from IVR to Web for Payment Arrangements

The Product Team developed an IVR Seamless Digital Handoff Technology to transfer IVR calls for payment arrangements to the web seamlessly. Eligible mobile users in the IVR receive a text with a link to their phone browser, which carries, or “hands off,” the authentication from the IVR so that they arrive already logged into the web transaction flow. Since launching this functionality in March 2022, Exelon has reduced the customer effort required to switch between channels by removing a login barrier that typically saw up to 47% of users abandoning the flow; they also saw 58% of customers choosing this option over the IVR and experienced a 40% drop in operational costs by reducing agent requests.


Arul Thakkar, Principal Product Manager, Exelon

Arul currently manages Exelon’s Start, Stop, and Move customer journey as a product manager, representing six utilities. Arul’s team focuses on Web, Mobile web, App, Chat, and IVR enhancements to reduce customer effort and improve customer experience. Before managing the Start, Stop, and move Journey, Arul worked on the Billing and Payments Journey, where his focus was on reducing customer effort and increasing customer satisfaction where his team introduced the IVR seamless handoff functionality. Before Exelon, Arul had management roles at ComEd, Motorola, Nokia, and Microsoft. For most of his career and roles, Arul has focused on customer experience and the voice of the customer.


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