Get Shift Done: Revolutionize EV Load Shift and CX with Analytics

With fewer than 4% of EV customers turning to their utilities for guidance and $200 billion in potential EV revenue on the line, electric companies are racing to redefine existing business models, establish themselves as trusted advisers and ready the grid for increasingly variable load shifts. Learn how Bidgely’s customer-centric AI brings together customer engagement, grid management, and business analytics to drive key outcomes including:
  • Leveraging smart meter data for EV detection and shifting over 75% of on-peak EV loads to off-peak
  • Preparing grid infrastructure and DER controls to accommodate peaking & transitory impacts
  • Promoting EV initiatives to meet electrification goals, support customers and anticipate capacity needs


Pauline Marcou, Strategy & Growth Lead, Bidgely

Pauline leads Bidgely’s Strategy & Growth team, which supports strategic initiatives across multidisciplinary teams to launch new solutions and expand Bidgely’s impact in the utility industry. She is the company’s subject matter expert on customer engagement solutions, in charge of defining successful programs to increase customer satisfaction and program participation to help utilities deliver the customer benefits by harnessing the power of their meter data (AMI, non-smart meter; electric and gas). She began her career in the industry at Opower and brings several years of experience working with electric and gas utilities in customer success and business development roles. She holds an M.A. from Yale University.

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