Top 10 Outage Communications to Combat Uncertainty

In a world of so many disruptions, one thing certain is change.  After meticulously tuning rules for your outage alerts program, you’ve come to grips with the fact that sometimes you need the ability to communicate on the fly. AGENT511 looked at ways to close the customer journey on nested outages, outage reports, and long ERTs with our utility partners and created a series of analytics that feed a powerful ad hoc communications tool.  And like a boomerang, notifications may call customers to return by confirming, paying, taking a survey, or chatting.   We’ll describe the conversion process and show how new channels create engagement such as chat bot, live chat, and social media.

In the end, it’s about building trust and creating transparency.  Our top 10 list will cover solutions for utilities during emergent events, which means putting in place ad hoc analytics and communications tools that allow you to fill the information gaps in real-time and take your rightful place in the hall of heroes.

Speaker: Jay Malin, Managing Director, AGENT511