Say Something; Communicating with Customers During the Moments That Matter

With increasing frequency, unplanned and oftentimes critical events are challenging utilities to communicate with customers to influence their perceptions and behaviors. Disparate data silos, legacy system limitations, manual workflows, and stakeholder approval processes often result in lengthy delays and operational impacts. Learn how utilities are automating customer interactions and efficiently distributing dynamic ad-hoc communications in real time over customers’ preferred channels.

In this session, discover how leading utilities:

-Reduce effort with tools to curate content and segment data
-Automate real-time approvals from stakeholders
-Deploy personalized ad hoc communications, at any scale, in minutes
-Dramatically reduce inbound call center activity
-Predictably influence desired behaviors while improving CSAT


–Elisa Henry – Chief Operating Officer, Message Broadcast

–Jay Magee – Manager of Digital Communications, JEA