Stop (Before) Payment: Customer Verification is Critical Before Sending Digital Refunds and Rebates

Nearly 30 percent of consumers that were due a refund or rebate received a check in the mail, yet more than 75 percent prefer a digital payment.  Sending instant, digital payments provides a better customer experience, but are you opening the door to more fraud?  Join Mahala Johnson, Head of Product Development for ACI Speedpay, to learn more about the advantages of digital rebate and refund payments as well as guidance on how to screen and verify your customer before sending the funds out. 


Speaker: Mahala Johnson

Head of Product ManagementACI Worldwide

Mahala Johnson serves as the Head of Biller Product at ACI Worldwide. In this role Mahala leads product strategy for real-time payments and disbursements. She also drives innovation for billing and payment solutions serving healthcare payers and providers. Mahala has more than 20 years of product management experience in the financial services industry including leadership roles at First Data, Western Union and eBay.