Why You Should be Leveraging Real-time Intelligence During Widespread Outage Events

In the age of extreme weather and billion-dollar disasters, power outages and service disruptions are bound to happen to utilities of all sizes in every corner of the country. Unfortunately, modern customer expectations mean utilities face more challenges than ever as they work to restore service and initiate storm response protocols. That’s why the team at DataCapable helps utilities discover the strategic advantages of leveraging situational awareness when communicating with customers during outage events.
In this breakout session, hear from DataCapable co-founders Zac Canders and Pete DiSalvo to learn how The DataCapable Platform uses situational awareness derived from patented algorithms – and verified by trained analysts – to help teams of all sizes and budgets respond to outage events proactively and prevent a service disruptions from evolving into a communications crisis. You’ll hear how leading utilities were able to respond swiftly and confidently to historic disasters like Hurricanes Ian and Laura and the wildfire crisis in the West.


Pete DiSalvo, CEO & Co-Founder, DataCapable

With over a decade of experience in the utility industry, Pete is a recognized leader in real-time situational awareness and technology. Pete’s vision for DataCapable was inspired by his experience responding to Hurricane Sandy in 2012, where he saw firsthand the need for a platform that could leverage unstructured data to improve response times and situational awareness. Since then, Pete has built DataCapable into a successful company with a growing team of experts, helping utilities and other organizations worldwide better prepare for and respond to disasters and outages.

Zac Canders, Co-Founder, DataCapable

With 20 years of experience in the utility industry, Zac Canders has cultivated a passion for safety and data optimization, building upon the foundation laid by his father’s utility-supporting business. Holding a Project Management Professional Certification and an MBA, Zac is fueled by the desire to revolutionize the energy industry and enhance safety by delivering real-time situational awareness to utilities and responders at every level. His unique insights and expertise are rooted in harnessing the power of emerging technologies to drive value and connecting systems and their associated data to deliver impactful results.


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