Improving customer satisfaction with outage communications

Rebecca Harris, Data Analyst –

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Outage communications is a major factor in customers’ overall satisfaction with their utility.

Chartwell recently heard from 1,564 energy consumers across the U.S. and Canada as part of its 2020 Residential Consumer Survey. Sixty percent of them were satisfied with their power company’s communications during outages. However, that changed depending on reliability and communication strategies, including increased ETR accuracy and communication channels.

Chartwell’s newest infographic, How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in Outage Communications, outlines ways utilities can improve outage communications. Specifically, it shows when customers become unsatisfied with ETR updates and outage frequency. It also includes which communication channels customers prefer for outage information updates.

Insight Center members can see more details by logging into Chartwell’s website and downloading the infographic How to Improve Customer Satisfaction in Outage Communications.