Increasing engagement and brand favorability with customers and employees

By Rebecca Harris, Research Analyst –

Register for Chartwell’s Feb. 13 webinar to learn how Southern California Edison used a three-phase brand-communication campaign to demonstrate its commitment to clean energy while appealing to three key audiences: employees, customers and prospective talent.

SCE’s effort earned Chartwell’s 2018 Silver Award in Communications. The effort addresses significant challenges that many other utility companies face. Capturing the interest of both customers and employees are top communications challenges in the industry, according to Chartwell research.

SCE launched the three-phase brand campaign in 2017. Each phase targeted a different audience: employees, customers and prospective talent. The first phase of the effort increased employee awareness of SCE’s new corporate brand: “Creating a clean energy future.” The company found that employee awareness of the new corporate brand increased and 80% of employees said they were proud to work for SCE.

The second and third phases were externally-focused. The second phase advertised SCE’s clean energy commitment to improve public perception, support a clean energy policy agenda and position SCE as a clean energy leader. The third phase included advertising SCE careers and revamping SCE’s homepage and career site. The campaign made a high number of impressions, and SCE research found an increase in brand favorability.

Join Chartwell Feb. 13 to hear how SCE overcame common challenges in external and internal communications. Eric Murga, brand manager at SCE, will lead a webinar on SCE’s long-term branding campaign, including SCE’s strategy thus far and plans for the future. Register today!

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