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Navigating Resilience in an Electrical Utility

Is your utility prepared for the worst?

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An effective resilience program must consider the challenges an organization faces well in advance of anticipated problems to stop or reduce the impacts of negative outcomes, effectively manage through problems, and recover to at least the same level or better following an event.

In this Chartwell white paper, Resilience Executive Consultant Don Daigler focuses on how an electrical utility can navigate resilience, specifically:

  • Understanding reliability and resilience
  • Organizational resilience structures
  • Embracing “All Hazards” in utility emergency management
  • Forging new paths together

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    Don Daigler is the Resilience Executive Consultant at Chartwell, Inc., and the current CEO/Founder of Resilience Advisory Services, LLC.

    A former electric and public sector executive, he has more than forty years of leadership experience and broad background in working with public and private sector organizations on issues relating to homeland security, defense and intelligence, emergency management, critical infrastructure protection and advising on the advancement of technology to support those functions.

    At Chartwell’s PowerUp 2024 conference, Don’s keynote address will provide a blueprint for the evolving landscape of resilience across the utility industry and strategies to succeed where others falter. He will discuss the importance of legislative and regulatory engagement, establishing clear escalation metrics, and structuring responses to known and anticipated events.

    In addition, Don will lead a panel discussion on current utility emergency management practices, delving into innovative approaches that go beyond traditional storm response to address “all hazards,” organizational alignment, and other critical topics.