Keynote: Duke Energy Meets Rising Threats With Robust Planning and Communication
Learn how Duke Energy responded to and communicated about emergent situations and other outage events in empathetic and effective ways with customers, regulators and other key…
Hydro Ottawa Dramatically Rebuilds Trust Through Education & Outreach
Hydro Ottawa received the Silver Outage Communications Award for the Rebuilding Trust Campaign, which addressed social sentiment stemming from the impact of an unexpected series of…
ComEd Develops an Integrated Storm Communications Plan for Severe Weather Events
ComEd earned the Gold Outage Communications Award for the development of its proactive communication strategy for customers and vendors before, during, and after severe weather events.
Avista’s New Weather & Incident Forecasting Tool Offers a Better Customer Experience
Avista earned the Bronze Outage Operations Award for transforming its Emergency Operating Plan into a Weather and Incident Forecasting Tool to improve operational efficiency and provide…
Duke Energy’s Planned Outage Portal Streamlines the Service Outage Planning Process
Duke Energy received the Gold Outage Operations Award for its Planned Outage Portal, which streamlined the process of planning a service outage while automating customer messaging…
SDG&E’s Climate Analytics Platform Provides Real-Time Data on Wildfire Threats
San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) earned the Silver Outage Operations Award for its new climate analytics platform known as the Wildfire Next Generation System (WiNGS).
Exelon Develops a Centralized Customer Self-Service Hub for Outage Events
Exelon earned the Bronze Outage Communications Award for developing a new self-service hub for customers to use during outage events.
Panel discussion: Celebrating Excellence, Forecasting the Future
Join panelists as they share lessons learned from their exemplary projects and discuss new ideas and technologies to further improve customer satisfaction.
Powering Through the Holidays – Navigating Load Shed with Effective Communication
This panel discussion, brought to you by Message Broadcast of LINK Mobility, brings together experts from various utilities to discuss key findings from their load shed…
Keynote: Becoming Frictionless – APS’s CX Transformation Journey to Outage Improvement and More
Learn how APS is charting its course to customer-centricity using a frictionless strategy to reduce effort, increase compassion and add value to the outage experience.
Panel discussion: Lessons from Ice and Fire – Excelling in Outage Communications Today
In this session, hear from a panel of Chartwell experts – with many decades of hands-on industry experience in outage communications – how to meet the…
From Challenges to Solutions: Chartwell’s Networking Roundtables
Meet with peers facing similar challenges at their respective utilities and seek workable solutions during this session.
A Data Mining Perspective on Outage Communications
Analyzing your outage-related communications can tell you a lot about customer preferences, leading to stronger engagement. Outage Management Systems do a great job of identifying network…
Why You Should be Leveraging Real-time Intelligence During Widespread Outage Events
Respond to outage events proactively and prevent a service disruptions from evolving into a communications crisis.
From Outage to Outstanding: A Digital Customer-Centric Approach to End-to-End Outage Management
Join Smart Energy Water for a discussion on how digital platforms are revolutionizing the way we approach outage management.