First Call Resolution – A Game Plan Toward Improved Customer Satisfaction

First Call Resolution (FCR) is a first step on the journey towards First Contact Resolution. Call centers nationally are faced with dual challenges of increased service demands from customers while maintaining, if not lowering overall costs. FCR is an accepted global customer service industry metric targeted at call centers’ ability to resolve customers’ problems or needs the first time they call. ComEd will share its holistic plan to improve its ability to serve its customers and ensure resolution on the first call and will ask the question, what will it take to make the metric benchmarkable across the industry?

Moderator: Scott Johnson, Vice President, Chartwell Inc.


  • Kim Williams – Manager of Quality, Training & Analysis , ComEd

Kim manages the Quality Assurance program providing daily oversight of call monitoring activities for Care Center CSRs and Commercial Clerk 1 employees. Kim’s responsibilities also include leading the Training Specialist team that delivers new and continuous learning for Care Center Staff. Kim manages a variety of analysis initiatives in support of operational excellence. Kim has supported the measurement of FCR for over 5 years, helping to align metrics within Exelon. Kim is a graduate from the University of Illinois- and has held several positions at ComEd.

  • Ron Torres – Manager of Resource, Quality & Training , ComEd

Torres is responsible for resource planning, quality assurance, training and metric monitoring for the Care Center, a department of the Customer Channels organization. Torres has held operational and financial roles over his 19 year career at Exelon/ComEd.



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