FPU Increases Interest in Switching to Natural Gas with Interactive Educational Campaign

FPU created the Ask4More campaign in 2018 as a spin-off to the utility’s Ask4Gas campaign, which was designed to encourage potential customers to ask for natural gas at key points in the purchasing cycle, such as while they are remodeling a home or replacing an existing appliance. The goal of Ask4More was to convey the benefits that natural gas offers to homeowners, including savings, upscale appliances and amenities, and reliability during times of severe weather, in quick, effective messages. An interactive home app allowed users to calculate potential benefits and rebate-related savings for various gas appliances, and existing and potential homeowners could determine whether natural gas was available at a specific address using an online tool.

 The 11-month campaign garnered nearly 6 million impressions, and almost 10,000 potential customers either submitted contact information online or called the utility for more information on natural gas and its benefits.

Attend this webinar to learn how FPU partnered with internal and external partners to successfully develop and launch the Ask4More campaign, which earned the utility Chartwell’s 2019 Bronze Best Practices Award in Program Marketing.


  • Crystal Campbell – Supervisor, Integrated CommunicationsFPU

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