Newfoundland Power’s eBill Program Path to Success

Date: Wednesday, April 21

Time: 2 – 3 PM ET

The move from paper to electronic bills represents considerable savings for utilities but getting customers to make the switch is challenging. In this webinar, Newfoundland Power will share its path to achieving one of the highest eBill adoption rates in the industry with over half of the utility’s customer base choosing to receive their bill electronically. 

Join us to hear about:

  • Internal and external strategies used to drive adoption
  • Challenges and barriers to participation and how they were overcome
  • The role of timing, creativity, and consistency in driving the program’s success


  • Michelle Marley – Customer Service Programs Specialist, Newfoundland Power
  • Chris Acreman – Supervisor of Billing and Customer Systems, Newfoundland Power


  • Stacey Bailey – Vice President, Chartwell Inc.

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