2020 Billing Industry Benchmarks now available

By Rebecca Harris, Data Analyst –  

Chartwell’s 2020 Billing Industry Benchmarks is available now for download. The report summarizes results from Chartwell’s 2020 Billing Industry Benchmark Survey and includes insights on eBill adoption, industry use of robotic process automation (RPA), trends in billing programs and bill alert offerings.  

Survey respondents chose increasing eBill adoption as the most influential billing opportunity in the utility industry over the next two to five years. Chartwell’s data shows that switching customers from a paper bill to eBill can save the average utility 50 cents per customer per month. 

Marketing emails are the most used methods to promote eBill adoption. Bill credits and partnering with charitable organizations are two of the least used methods for eBill, but utilities who use those methods rank them as their most effective strategies for increasing eBill adoption.  

For more of Chartwell’s eBill insights and other billing benchmarks, download your copy of Chartwell’s 2020 Billing Industry Benchmarks today.