Chartwell launches its new survey tool

Rebecca Harris, Data Analyst –

Chartwell launched its new survey tool along with its Outage Communication and Restoration Surveys last week. The new survey tool, available at, will let users access Chartwell’s industry benchmark surveys as they become available throughout the year.  

The new survey tool is perfect for collaboration. Multiple users from the same utility can create their own logins using the New Account button on the login page. Once logged in, they will see their company’s responses so far and be able to answer other questions. The survey saves and updates in real time, so users will see updates from their colleagues as they are being made.

The new tool launched alongside Chartwell’s Outage Communications and Restoration Surveys. These surveys cover many topics, including ETR accuracy, field crew training and technology, push alerts, outage reporting and tracking, drones and customer feedback methods. Like previous years, all survey participants will receive a copy of the survey results, and survey results will be published on Chartwell’s Insight Center.

Go to Chartwell’s new survey tool at to create your own login today! You’ll have access to take Chartwell’s Outage Communication and Restoration Surveys as well as a General section about your company. In the first half of the year, you will also gain access to Customer Service, Billing and Payment Surveys, with more to follow in the second half.

Please contact Rebecca Harris at if you run into any issues with the new website. And thank you for being a part of Chartwell’s benchmarking efforts!