Disrupt, or Be the Disrupted

Disrupt, or Be the Disrupted  

Industry transformation is critical if utilities are going to compete with the non-traditional players providing products and services to customers. Michael Cross, Entergy’s Vice President of Innovation, is new to the utility industry, but he has a track record of leading essential disruption in several verticals, including financial services, healthcare, and property and casualty insurance. In his keynote address, Cross will share some of his stories of applying innovation best practices, along with tips that will give EMACS attendees some of the muscle needed to be THAT utility company of the future.


  • Michael Cross – Vice President Innovation, Entergy

Join us for this session plus three full days of content on real-life experience, technical expertise and forward-thinking strategies related to improving the customer experience. Use the “REGISTER NOW” button below and follow the instructions. If you have any questions or trouble registering, please email us here.

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