Acing Utility Customer Communications for Superior CX

The new normal in utility-customer communications is one of proactivity and empathy. In business, we know to always expect the unexpected, and as providers of essential services, utilities need to go the extra mile in ensuring transparent communications and unbridled service. When in an emergency, they need to tell their customers what to expect, that their service will continue, and that they are there to help. 

Join this session and learn how utilities can perfect the art of communication while providing robust digital self-service capabilities to their customers. We join the journey of Dominion Energy and Tacoma Public Utilities, and get lessons on customer communications, how and what to communicate, tools to beat the uncertainty, and prepare for the next emergency. 

Key Takeaways 
–How to give more power to utility customers with friction-less omnichannel communication options. 
–Exploring new channels such as chatbot, virtual agents and live chats to establish deeper and stronger customer relationships and drive digital self-service. 
–What can Advanced AI, NLP, and ML do engage customers during their journey with minimal human intervention? 


–Darren Brady- Chief Customer Officer, Smart Energy Water 

–Treena Colby-Program Development Manager, Tacoma Public Utilities