Ameren’s “Empathy Alerts” Keeping Customers Informed through Extended Outages

During longer duration power outages, customers worry that their outage is being overlooked and many will look for updated information across numerous channels. To improve the customer experience, Ameren recently launched “Empathy Alerts” to provide customers with the most current information about their outage and reassure them that Ameren knows they are still without service and is working quickly and safely to restore power.

In this session, you will hear about the customer insights that led to the development of “Empathy Alerts” and how they are used to keep customers informed under all kinds of conditions.


–Tom Brinkmann, Supervising Engineer, Operations Excellence, Ameren Missouri

–Josalin Wills, Customer Service Specialist, Business Lead, Ameren Illinois

–Jill Schonaerts, Product Owner, Customer Solutions, Ameren Missouri