Enriching the Customer Journey in Call Centers and Beyond with Artificial Intelligence   

Enriching the Customer Journey in Call Centers and Beyond with Artificial Intelligence    

Utilities today manage a wide set of tools to engage customers: business intelligence tools, marketing automation, call center agents, meter data management and CRMs. Current solutions do a wonderful job of creating generic customer experiences, however they can fall short of intelligent dynamic workflows built on a true customer 360 view, because they lack energy usage intelligence.   

Bidgely brings the power of AI-powered meter energy analytics to enrich the functionalities of the digital customer journey and call center with the world’s most accurate and comprehensive consumer energy profile. 

Bidgely will share how its customers have realized the benefits of AI to focus their marketing and programming efforts, as well as the customer experience to deliver higher satisfaction and improved participation.  

Speaker: Varun Nagaraj, COO, Bidgely 

Varun Nagaraj is the Chief Operating Officer of Bidgely, an enterprise software company introducing AI to utility customer interactions. Prior to Bidgely, Varun was CEO of Sierra Monitor Corporation (SRMC) – a publicly traded Industrial IoT company and Executive Vice President and General Manager at Echelon Corporation – a pioneer in smart meters and building energy management. Over his 30-year career, Varun has led the development of several innovative medical, networking, security, and IoT products. He was also a management consultant and partner at PRTM (now part of PwC) in the 90’s, where he advised IBM, Xerox, Seagate, 3Com, and Stratus Computer on product strategy and new product development processes.