Gain 20/20 Vision of Your Customers’ Needs

Gain 20/20 Vision of Your Customers’ Needs 

The term 20/20 vision translates to understanding the evolution of marketing and ecommerce in 2020 and beyond. EFI will discuss the changes and challenges that inevitably occurred this year and how utilities can overcome. There is a new normal and it’s imperative to understand what it is and what adaptations in engagement need to be made. 

Speaker: Jonathan Coons, Director of Marketing, EFI 

Jonathan brings over 15 years of eCommerce, digital, traditional and demand response marketing experience to EFI.  His leadership, innovative thinking, and customer-focused mindset are already driving success across EFI client marketplaces, client marketing outreach and tactics as well as EFI branding, and product expansion. Jonathan’s experiences span a wide variety of digital outlets including, running eCommerce account teams, managing and implementing an eCommerce instance for an industry-leading medical supply firm, and leading sales and marketing for a digital start-up. While owning the strategic and innovative vision for EFI’s digital tools and programs, Jonathan also leads and manages EFI’s growing marketing team. 

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