Improve the IVR Experience for Your Customers & Reduce Live Agent Costs at The Same Time

Improve the IVR Experience for Your Customers

Your contact center is the frontline of customer experience. It is where problems are resolved, and customer satisfaction is earned. Your contact center can also be a customer’s ultimate frustration with your company. Customers have higher expectations than ever before to be identified quickly and obtain information easily. Studies show they are likely to be dissatisfied if there are hurdles just to identify themselves – negatively impacting customer satisfaction scores. 

And if a customer call reaches a live agent, there should be no mystery of the caller’s identity. Identification is the key ingredient. Serve customers faster, reduce agent time, and provide each caller the experience they deserve. 

Speaker: Mitch Young, Vice President, Identity Solutions, Neustar 

Mitchell Young is an Executive Director of Identity Risk Solutions at Neustar, where he oversees the Collections, Utilities, Tech/Internet, Call Center and Data verticals.  Mitchell has been at Neustar for 14 years helping companies leverage real-time identity data and analytic insights to improve operational efficiencies and manage risk and compliance.  Prior to joining Neustar, Mitchell was the Senior Director of Risk at TARGUSInfo, which was acquired by Neustar in 2011, where he helped develop several markets. Mitchell has an undergraduate degree from Penn State and an MBA from New York University.