Keynote: Duke Energy Meets Rising Threats With Robust Planning and Communication

As outage events and unexpected situations continue to impact the grid, it is a critical time for re-alignment and innovation of outage communications. A similar time came in 2012, when Hurricane Sandy struck the northeast United States, showing that in the age of the mobile phone, communicating well with customers was just as important as restoring power.
Today, the U.S. power grid is suffering an increase in rolling blackouts as well as a surge in attacks as vandals and cyber criminals increasingly take aim at the nation’s critical infrastructure. Late last year, Duke Energy experienced several unprecedented events that have continued to evolve how they plan and coordinate internally as well as inform and support customers.
In this presentation, learn how Duke Energy responded to and communicated about these emergent situations and other outage events in empathetic and effective ways with customers, regulators and other key stakeholders.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Taryn Sims – Vice President, Marketing, Insights & Customer Engagement, Duke Energy

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