Leveraging Data & Analytics to Improve Customer Experience and Drive Efficiency

Leveraging Data and Analytics

Getting insights out of data is a critical success factor on the journey to improving customer experience and driving operational efficiency. Utilities need to identify, prioritize, and execute analytics use cases that drive deeper understanding of customer needs and to optimize the customer operations workflow. 

During this session, West Monroe Partners will highlight best practices and discuss how your utility can leverage data and analytics to focus on the customer, continuously improve operational efficiency, empower your workforce and realize the value of analytics investment. 

Speaker: Cameron Cross, Senior Manger of Data & Engineering, West Monroe 

Cameron has a focus on helping West Monroe’s clients become data-driven organizations and justify analytics investment. He leverages delivery expertise – technical delivery execution, process design, and organizational change – to bring lasting results for clients. Cameron recently helped a large electric utility define a modern data platform and operating model to iteratively build and extend advanced customer analytics use cases.Internally at West Monroe, Cameron is a motivator and organizer. He sparks excitement in the team through active planning in technology hackathons and knowledge-sharing workshops. Cameron helps run West Monroe’s Energy and Utilities tech incubator, which defines digital and analytics offerings for our utility clients.