LIHEAP Overview and Advocacy Outlook for 2024: Navigating Challenges in the Utility Sector

Serving vulnerable customers is more important than ever in the utility industry. This session will explore the challenges and opportunities in providing Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) assistance to utility customers in an era of rising rates and the push for grid resilience and renewable energy investments. This presentation will provide an overview of LIHEAP, highlighting its importance in supporting low-income households, detailing current funding, eligibility criteria, and the impact of recent policy changes. Learn about the necessary advocacy efforts for 2024 to ensure and expand these critical services under increasing economic pressures. Discover strategies for utility professionals to engage in advocacy and partnerships, promoting equitable energy solutions and aiding the most vulnerable in challenging times.

  • Katrina Metzler, Executive Director, National Energy and Utility Affordability Coalition


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