NiSource Increases eBill Enrollment with Incentive Campaign

2021 Chartwell Silver Award Winner, Billing & Payment Programs


In 2020, NiSource launched a strategic, robust paperless promotion incentive campaign that allowed customers who converted to paperless and remained on paperless through October 2020 the chance to win a cash prize equivalent to their natural gas bill for a year. The campaign helped NiSource increase paperless enrollments by 10% – the largest single-year increase the company has seen since it began tracking enrollments – and realize more than $200,000 in annualized savings in 2020. The utility took home Chartwell’s Silver Award in Billing and Payment Programs for the campaign. 



Hanna Balla

Director of Customer Experience, NiSource  

Hanna is currently leading the customer digital transformation effort at NiSource to increase customer satisfaction and brand reputation while driving business efficiencies fo3.5 million customers in 6 states. With 10+ years leading customer, brand marketing, growth, and retention strategies in the airline, retail, healthcare, and energy industries, Hanna blends marketing strategy with technology advancement in order to help businesses thrive. Due to her efforts in the energy efficiency and customer experience space, Hanna been recognized as one of the 40 Under 40 Emerging Leaders in Clean Energy. 



Christian Griffin

Director of Marketing, NiSource  

Chris is currently leading the marketing communications efforts to NiSource’s 3.2 million natural gas and 500,000 electric customers across six states. He and his team are responsible for increasing customer participation in traditional customer programs like paperless billing, alerts, budget plan and energy assistance through awareness and action driven marketing campaigns. They are also responsible for generating adoption of the newly launched products like the mobile APP and online Start Stop Move selfservice options. With more than 23 years in the energy industry in various positions, Chris’ knowledge and background have positioned him to continue to meet NiSource goals through customer program/product adoption.