TECO’s Customer Obsession Delivers Results

TECO’s Customer Obsession Delivers Results

Over the past three years, Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas (TECO) have built a customer experience strategy that focuses on what is best for its customers. The utilities have implemented a new billing system, started AMI deployment, deployed a new digital strategy and platform, and engaged hundreds of employees through a Customer Experience Strategy Council. Learn how obsessing over your customers can transform culture and ignite change. 

Speaker: Melissa Cosby, Director, CE Strategy and Service Excellence, Tampa Electric & Peoples Gas

Melissa graduated from the University of South Florida in Tampa with her Bachelors in Accounting in 2001 and her Masters of Accountancy in 2004. She obtained her Certified Public Accountant and Project Management Professional certifications and started at Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas (TECO) in February 2010 in the auditing group, moving to various positions within the organization before settling in Customer Experience in 2017. Since then, Melissa has led the development of TECO’s Customer Experience strategy, CE Strategy Council, Customer Commitment Training, Customer Digitalization strategy, and Voice of the Customer program with the goal of creating a customer-centric culture at TECO and providing a world class customer experience  for TECO’s customers.  

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