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AGENT511 is a leading customer engagement software development firm that helps utilities solve customer engagement challenges, improve satisfaction, and alleviate congestion while preparing the utility for the future.  AGENT511 is partnered with Baltimore Gas & Electric, ComEd, and City of Chicago to deliver text and mobile messaging for ad hoc alerts and personalized, automated outage, leak, and billing notifications.  Engagement is achieved via surveys, two-way payment, chat, and virtual assistants.  Our severe outage and planned outage dashboard offers dynamic, filtered notifications and graphical insights.

Jay Malin

Managing Director


  • Deploy relative outage communications and severe outage dashboards that enhance customer experience, especially during severe weather.
  • Leverage data analytics to create insights and data applications that increase engagement.
  • Create self-service workflows using automation and AI to alleviate congestion.
  • Earn customer loyalty through branded ad hoc multimedia messages that reduce customer anxiety.


  • BGE
  • PECO
  • ComEd
  • Evergy, and many more
"We were excited about the success of our timely project deployment and are pleased to further leverage our investment in AGENT511 REACH."