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Mindgrub Technologies is an award-winning agency and consultancy on a mission to create technology that people love to use—technology that makes lives better, jobs easier, and helps businesses thrive.

We help organizations in the utility sector improve their digital self-service options, facilitate easy and secure transactions, and engage with consumers digitally to strengthen customer loyalty and drive profitable growth.

Our mastery of agile development, user experience, human-centered design, and cloud solutions architecture helps power and utility leaders deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers while staying ahead of the innovation curve.

Since 2002, our award-winning team has helped power and utility leaders optimize their customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and promote sustainable energy practices. We’ve led digital transformations for leaders across the country, including Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions, Exelon, Entergy, LG&E, KU, and ODP. Our work in the utility space has included mobile application development, custom website and portal creation, enterprise application support, digital marketing, team augmentation, and agile implementation. 



1215 E Fort Ave, Suite 200 Baltimore, MD 21230 (410) 988-2444

Laura Gousha

VP of Engagement

Laura Gousha specializes in hands-on strategic and tactical technical consultation. As Vice President of Engagement at Mindgrub Technologies, she provides the strategic direction for key utility accounts including Exelon, Entergy, LG&E KU, and Duke Energy. With experience in solution architecture, Laura excels at requirements definition, agile process implementation, and overall strategic planning for clients that range from startups to Fortune 100 organizations.

"Empowering our customers by giving them innovative tools to help simplify their lives and make it easy for them to do business with us is a top priority. Partnering with companies like Mindgrub has helped us create a foundational app that we can enhance to continue meeting our customer’s future needs."