Learn how Enbridge engaged customers previously resistant to eBill messaging

By Noah Solomon, Research Manager

Here at Chartwell, we write quite a bit on eBill adoption, and with good reason.

Increasing customer adoption of eBill, and ultimately transitioning customers to paperless entirely, can save utilities hundreds of thousands of dollars annually (depending, of course, on the size of your customer base).

Added benefits include pulling customers into more digital interactions with your utility and offering both customers and utilities opportunities to become more environmentally friendly.

Despite these benefits to both utilities and customers, some customer segments can be resistant to eBill adoption for a variety of reasons and pose challenges to utilities looking to grow this program. One success story in making inroads into these segments comes from Enbridge Gas and is featured in an upcoming Chartwell webinar: Enbridge Gas Successfully Targets Customers Resistant to eBill Messaging.

Join us Wednesday, Sept. 16 at 2 p.m. Eastern to hear how Enbridge Gas leveraged targeted marketing to key customer demographics resistant to eBill messaging to drive eBill adoption.

With creative multi-channel marketing approaches and targeted messaging, Enbridge was able to convert 2% of these demographics to eBills in just 90 days, contributing to savings and efficiencies for the utility. To find out more, register for the webinar here.

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