Meeting your customers in their channel of preference is essential to CSAT

According to Chartwell research, customer channel preferences vary by task at hand.

Although customers increasingly prefer using digital channels to communicate and transact, the majority still prefer to call when faced with a problem.

While customers of all ages responded that websites were the easiest digital channel to use when contacting their power company, channel preferences vary greatly depending on customer age and type of interaction.

That’s why leaning on the expertise and brain power of the Customer Experience Leadership Council is essential to keeping up with customer expectations.

The Customer Experience Leadership Council connects monthly to discuss top of mind challenges and opportunities— like channel preferences— share success stories, problem solve and innovate among industry peers.

This forum is invaluable for members — but don’t just take our word for it.

“Prior to our Chartwell membership, I felt that we didn’t have all the information we needed. We needed a better way to understand how to meet the needs of our customers. Chartwell provides this level of knowledge and connectivity with other utilities. It allows me, as a professional, to interact with my peers at other utilities around the country who are all in the same boat.” – Chartwell council member

Curious about the tangible benefits for members?

Read one member’s success story.

Interested in joining the next discussion?

This month, the 30+ utility members of Chartwell’s Customer Experience Leadership Council will meet to discuss COVID-19 updates, digital experience, live chat, mobile apps, VOC programs, CX metrics and more.

Interested in joining your industry peers at this meeting? Connect with us here to learn how.