Mobile field crew technology is the key to better restoration

Utility leaders have spent more than a decade trying to get field crews to better communicate while working to restore power. The truth is, it’s tough to do both. The solution? Better technology that makes it more seamless for field crews to do both effectively.

When Chartwell asked utilities what the key is to getting field crews to communicate about restoration, the majority said providing technology that enables crews to communicate without interrupting their work was vital.

Utilities on Chartwell’s Outage Communications Leadership Council are working to adapt or replace the technology their field crews use in ways that better suit their needs.

Examples include hands-free technology and field crew mobile apps. Click here to read about what one utility member has implemented to successfully tackle this issue.

Field crew technology is a frequent topic of discussion among members of Chartwell’s Outage Communications Leadership Council, which has helped nearly 60 utilities in the US and Canada become (and remain) leaders in outage communications.

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“The council enables us to learn what works and what doesn’t directly from other utilities. Documentation of processes and procedures given to us by fellow council members has saved us incredible amounts of time.”

-Manager, mid-size western utility

Read the full success story to learn how this utility collaborated with its fellow council members to take its outage strategy to the next level quickly.