Three Must-Have Interactive Content Solutions for Energy Utilities

Breanne George, Senior Creative Copywriter at Questline –

To engage and educate customers, energy utilities benefit from having an interactive, dynamic experience. Energy topics are often complicated and technical in nature, resulting in customers quickly tuning out a program promotion, website content and other utility communications. Interactive content has the power to teach complex topics, increase program awareness and enhance the customer experience.

To better connect with customers, read on for three must-have interactive content solutions for energy utilities.  


Instead of simply telling customers how much they can save, calculators provide personalized results. For example, adding a calculator to a website landing page about time-of-use (TOU) rate plans allows customers to see their estimated savings. A calculator allows customers to see the potential savings of taking advantage of an energy efficiency program or electric vehicle rate plan. This type of interactive content leads to tangible understanding of complex programs.

Home Energy Tour

Interactive video content, such as a home energy tour, can help customers better understand how they can save in every room of their home. By weaving in program information, marketplace links and educational videos, a home energy tour can also increase program enrollments and boost sales. Research finds that conversion rates from interactive content are nearly 30% higher than run-of-the-mill landing pages.


By asking for their input, like with quizzes and surveys, customers can learn about complicated energy topics through active participation. Plus, this type of interactive experience gives energy utilities a competitive advantage by allowing them to gain insights on customer preferences and behaviors. For example, a quiz sent to a segmented audience can help determine customer motivations for purchasing an EV or the top reasons for improving energy efficiency at their business.

Give Customers What They Want
Interactive content is entrenched in our digital world. Today’s consumers are accustomed to choosing what shows they want to watch on Netflix, getting personalized results from fitness apps and more. These digitally savvy customers expect a similar experience from their energy provider. To align with customer expectations, it behooves energy utilities to start incorporating interactive experiences into their digital communications.