Identifying and Supporting Medically Dependent Customers

Date: Wednesday, September 15th

Time: 2 – 3 PM ET

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One of the key drivers of health outcomes in home-based care is the use of electric medical devices, such as oxygen concentrators, dialysis machines, ventilators, and adjustable hospital beds. Despite the key importance of this equipment in the care of individuals at home, little is known about those who use these devices, their use patterns, and the expected cost to the healthcare system. During this webinar, Dr. Peter Kahn, a resident at Yale New Haven Hospital in the department of Internal Medicine, will share his latest research on these topics and provide actionable insights into:

  • The demographics of those who use medical devices at home
  • An overview of the most common home medical equipment, including the use patterns of various devices
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on home medical equipment use and expected future demand
  • Best practice suggestions on identifying users of medical equipment and providing the support needed to avoid negative outcomes
  • Proposed mitigation strategies for planned or unplanned outages


  • Noah Solomon, Research Manager, Chartwell, Inc.


  • Peter Kahn, MD, MPH, ThM, Distinguished Resident Scholar at the Solomon Center for Health Law and Policy, Yale Law School
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