Industry Benchmarks and Best Practices: Chartwell’s Quarterly Review

Chartwell’s research team will review industry benchmark data and best practices published during the third quarter of this year. Featured topics will include:

• Auto enrollment for Push Alerts: Momentum seems to be growing in the U.S. power industry as a rising number of utilities have made the decision to automatically enroll customers to receive push alerts during outage events. This report uses industry survey data and interviews to share industry best practices and lessons learned from utilities' experiences with auto-enrollment. It also notes top utility concerns about automatic enrollment and explores how several companies have overcome those concerns.

• Bill redesign: In the past few years, many utilities have redesigned their bills to more effectively deliver crucial information in more visually appealing ways. These redesigns are often associated with increases in customer satisfaction and operational efficiency as well as declines in call volume, as the monthly bill is one of the most important touchpoints a utility has with its customers. The bill, in fact, is often the only channel for communication with consumers. Bills that fail to communicate information effectively and highlight important details lead to frustrated customers, low satisfaction and increased call volumes as customers struggle to understand critical information.

• Utility Marketplaces: Chartwell will highlight trends in the utility marketplace arena, including interest in rebate programs, smart thermostats and other related products and services.

Attendees also will learn about upcoming Chartwell research topics and events.


  • Scott Johnson - Vice President, Chartwell Inc.

Scott is an accomplished researcher who is recognized industry-wide for uncovering industry trends and facilitating unprecedented collaboration among members of Chartwell’s research councils. He joined Chartwell as a senior research analyst in 2006 and was appointed Chartwell’s Vice President in 2014.

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