Industry Benchmarks and Best Practices: Chartwell’s Quarterly Review

Chartwell’s research team will review industry benchmark data and best practices published during the second quarter of this year. Featured topics will include:

• Credit Card Fees: As credit card companies continue to increase the value of rewards such as travel points to attract consumers to their products, more utility customers are paying their bills via credit card. Often, these customers find their utility charges a fee for using a card to pay their bill, creating frustration and dampening customer satisfaction. To address this, more utilities are looking to reduce or remove their credit card fees. 

• Customer Communications: Increasing customer engagement can increase loyalty, but how do utilities break through to customers? Using data from the 2018 Residential Consumer Survey, Chartwell will share customer preferences on channels and messaging, including two-way communications. This will be paired with industry data on communication benchmarks and segmentation to show the direction and opportunities for the industry to better reach customers and increase engagement.

• Chatbots, Voice and Virtual Assistants: The emergence of new technology is changing how customers interact with businesses. Investment in chatbots, virtual and voice assistants allows utilities to free their contact center agents for more complex, time sensitive or emergency issues. Most utilities are in the early stages of implementation, however.

Attendees will also learn about upcoming Chartwell research topics and events.


  • Scott Johnson – Vice President, Chartwell Inc.

Scott is an accomplished researcher who is recognized industry-wide for uncovering industry trends and facilitating unprecedented collaboration among members of Chartwell’s research councils. He joined Chartwell as a senior research analyst in 2006 and was appointed Chartwell’s Vice President in 2014.

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