Optimizing Customer Engagement Through Digitalization: Success Stories from Utilities Around the Globe

Date: Thursday, July 23

Time: 2 PM ET

**As part of our innovation series, this webinar is complimentary.**

Creating a unified omnichannel experience for your customers is key to providing an elevated customer experience (CX). Unfortunately, many utilities struggle with organizational silos and outdated customer communications technologies and processes that limit their ability to provide a unified hybrid experience. However, many leading utilities – both large and small – have found “CX Digitalization” success in not only transforming the customer experience, but also cutting costs at the same time.

This webinar will discuss real-life examples from both regulated and unregulated utility providers across the globe, including but not limited to British Gas, and how these organization are assessing and optimizing digital and physical touchpoints of their customers.

In the end, you will hear how leaders in our industry – from multiple continents – are successfully engaging customers and improving the overall customer experience through:

  • Conducting a ‘communications health check up’ and identifying actionable (and many times low-cost) opportunities for improving customer engagement
  • Leveraging a centralized communications platform to connect every touchpoint along the customers’ journeys
  • Collaborating internally and sharing real-time feedback via social commenting, bringing agility to their enterprise customer communication strategy
  • Taking immediate action to improve the customer experience (CX) by enabling business users within the utility to positively impact customer communications in real-time



  • Scott Johnson – Vice President, Chartwell, Inc.


  • John Hoggard – Principal Global Utilities, Quadient
  • Ali Bathews – Consultant and former Head of Correspondence Solutions for British Gas


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