PNM Increases Customer Awareness and Support of Sustainability Goals

Date: Wednesday, December 2

Time: 2-3 PM ET

In 2019, PNM made a commitment to being a zero-emissions utility, aligning all efforts to move the company out of coal, increase renewable generation, and meet sustainability goals. The ‘Zero Emissions by 2040’ campaign set out to drive customer understanding and support of the goal of becoming emissions-free. Customers have responded positively to the multifaceted campaign. The J.D. Power CSAT score among customers who were aware of the company’s efforts to support renewables was 125 points higher than CSAT among customers who were not aware of those efforts. Additionally, PNM Corporate Citizenship scores increased by 27 points in 2019 compared to 2018, and in the first quarter of 2020, had increased by 30 points over year-end 2019, setting a new all-time high for Corporate Citizenship for PNM.


  • Shannon Jackson – Communications Spokesperson, PNM
  • Raymond S. Sandoval – Corporate Communications Director, PNM


  • I.S. Dunklin – Director of Data Analytics and Research, Chartwell Inc.

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