Reducing Costs and Improving Performance with Robotics Process Automation

In 2017, SCE’s Customer Service Operations Digital Labor team developed a strategy and implemented a digital workforce to supplement human resources in the utility’s billing, credit, collections and payments department. The team successfully staffed, trained, established and operationalized governance, quality assurance and a support/maintenance model for robotics process automation, implementing approximately 20 automated processes that run on machines without needing human control. Within a year’s time, the team SCE automated nearly 900,000 transactions, resulting in $2.1 million in savings.

Attend this webinar to learn how SCE, which took home Chartwell’s 2018 Gold Award in Billing and Payment Programs for its efforts, is cultivating a culture to drive digital transformation across the company.


  • Karen Cheung – Senior Manager, Digital Labor and Work and Performance Management Team, Southern California Edison (SCE)  

Karen Cheung, a Senior Manager at Southern California Edison (SCE), leads the Digital Labor and Work and Performance Management team in Customer Service. Karen and her team successfully implemented robotics process automation and robotics desktop-assisted capabilities at SCE and quickly scaled their operations. Karen and her team influenced a culture shift across the company and successfully demonstrated how to tap into a new resource pool aligned to corporate cost-efficiency strategies. As affordability and lowering the cost of customer transactions remain top priorities at SCE, this team is prepared to continue leading the way through implementing intelligent automation capabilities where they are the best fit for the business.

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