Transforming Utility Bills to Optimize Customer Experience: Global Best Practices

Date: Thursday, October 29

Time: 2-3 PM ET


**As part of our innovation series, this webinar is complimentary.**

As a regular (and sometimes only) touchpoint with customers, bills are an essential strategic asset for your utility. Producing utility bills requires connectivity to many core systems to pull together usage data, transactional data, multi-services, tariffs, payment plans, targeted program offers, etc. Optimizing bill performance offers compelling business results including on-time payments, reduced disconnects, higher e-bill adoption, and better customer engagement.

In this webinar we will review bill optimization tips including leveraging customer journey-mapping, synchronizing your messaging channels to avoid “silos” and establishing a clear and effective bill transformation process to meet your improvement goals. Included are examples from utilities to help you achieve these benefits, even if you are challenged with limited budgets and a myriad of disconnected legacy systems. Creating a unified omnichannel experience for your customers is key, and employing strategies from this webinar into your utility’s communications and bill redesign projects will ultimately build the foundation for world-class utility customer experience.


  • John Hoggard - Principal, Global Utilities, Quadient
  • George Williams, Principal, Strategic Solutions LLC
  • Brian Williams, Project Manager, Strategic Solutions LLC


  • Scott Johnson - Vice President, Chartwell Inc.

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