From Sci-Fi to Reality: How Utilities are Capitalizing on the AI & BI Revolution

Technology evolves at a lightning-fast pace. The smartphones in our pockets were quite literally the stuff of science fiction only 25 years ago, but now we can’t imagine life without them. As technology advances, every few decades the stars align to create something that changes the world. This discussion focuses on the latest transformative event that is currently happening: the “democratization” of Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Hear how utilities are adapting to capitalize on this revolution, staying ahead of the curve and tapping into the goldmine of data that is waiting to be morphed into valuable business insights.


Greg Ziolkowski, Senior Product Manager, Data Analytics, KUBRA

Greg Ziolkowski is the Senior Product Manager of the Data Analytics team at KUBRA. His entire career has been focused on data, starting as a Database Administrator before entering the utility market as an Outage Management Systems implementer. Greg was a co-founder of iFactor which was acquired by KUBRA in 2016, and continues to build on his more than 23 years of utility experience to leverage the latest technology trends in data management, storage, and analytics, currently focusing on AI, BI and ML.


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