Customer Experience Leadership Council

Customer Perception is Reality

Chartwell’s Customer Experience Leadership Council enables utility industry professionals to understand the customer journey, dive deeply into the issues surrounding consumer experience management, and create a consistent customer experience across all touchpoints.

A Customer Experience Council membership will help you lead your utility with valuable tools, including:

  • Peer-to-Peer Collaboration: Join roundtable discussions with industry leaders on the latest issues impacting the industry.
  • Council-Only Networking Events: Attend monthly video conference calls, an annual virtual meeting, and an annual face-to-face meeting promoting in-person collaboration with industry leaders.
  • Connect & Collaborate: Leverage a rich network of industry leaders who meet monthly to ensure they are finding the most effective and efficient solutions to their problems.

Our shared cost model means you gain access to best practice strategies, tactics and thinking you would expect to find at a top consulting firm at a fraction of the investment. Council membership means your utility will never have to make decisions in a vacuum again.

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Areas of Focus Include:
  • Metrics and Measurement
  • Customer Centricity and Engagement
  • Digital Experience
  • Optimizing Channels for CSAT
  • Self-Service
  • Increasing Efficiency
  • Customer Engagement
  • Data Analytics
  • Industry Best Practices
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Chartwell Services

Chartwell has a wide array of membership and subscription service solutions that can help your utility identify strategies to impact customer experience and operational efficiency.

Chartwell’s Insight Center Membership provides timely and actionable benchmarks and insights, proven go-to-market strategies from leading utilities, and the support of our team of analysts. Our Leadership Councils provide a deep network of industry leaders who collaborate regularly on critical issues, sharing perspectives, advice, and solutions.

Tranzact is a utility-led benchmarking study that combines the results of post-outage transactional surveys from multiple utilities enabling them to compare their customers’ outage experience with peer utilities. Chartwell Advisory Services and Executive Services provide one-on-one coaching and leadership development with industry experts.

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