ETR Accuracy Windows – How do you compare?

During an outage of any size or duration, ETR is by far the most important piece of information to customers.

But utilities use a wide variety of time-range windows to measure ETR accuracy and these windows change based on status, making it difficult to compare with one another.

Chartwell research breaks this down and determines the most common window used for measuring ETR accuracy.

Chartwell recently heard from a member utility crediting its Outage Communications Leadership Council membership as playing a key role in dramatic improvements to its ETR process.

“The council enables us to learn what works and what doesn’t directly from other utilities. Documentation of processes and procedures given to us by fellow council members has saved us incredible amounts of time.”

-Manager, mid-size western utility

Read the full success story to learn how this utility collaborated with its 55+ fellow council members to take its outage strategy to the next level quickly. 

The Outage Communications Leadership Council is working to identify the most effective ETR accuracy strategies by benchmarking accuracy windows on initial and updated ETRs, determining which utilities are the top performers in ETR accuracy, and determining which measures taken to improve ETR accuracy are most effective.

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