Text Analytics: CX Secret Sauce

By Lori Walker, Director of Strategy at Bellomy Research

Good customer experience is built on empathy. Creating strong connections with customers requires taking their nuanced feedback in whatever form it comes in — social media posts, email threads, chatbot conversations, NPS responses — and understanding the themes, emotions, and sentiments driving their frustration or delight.

Modern text analytics tools create efficiencies for categorizing topics, pinpointing emotions, and revealing patterns in customer feedback.

What can text analytics do with your data?

Imagine a utility provider rolling out a new billing system. Using a robust text analytics tool allows analysts to:

  • Track satisfaction scores in the months preceding and following the system change
  • Uncover themes among customer feedback and identify pain points — many of which might be anticipated
  • Understand how the organization’s representatives respond to customers

What can you do with your text analytics insights?

The panic that an organization feels when they experience a drop in satisfaction scores isn’t as severe when they have a powerful text analytics platform. Digging deeper into verbatims of customers giving low scores reveals the triggers and causes for their dissatisfaction.

If customers complain that agents aren’t providing an adequate explanation of the billing problems, the organization can provide additional training on how the billing system works. If customers are frustrated that agents aren’t authorized to resolve their payment issues, the organization can make informed decisions about what agents should and shouldn’t be able to handle independently.

Amplifying the voice of the customer to strengthen customer experience

The faster an organization can identify a drop in satisfaction, the quicker it can identify the causes and take action for restoration. Text analytics tools turn the abundance of nuanced customer feedback available to organizations into insights that can build a better, more empathetic framework for customer experience.