TVA leverages augmented-reality tech to create virtual home energy audit

By I.S. Dunklin, Director of Data Analytics and Research –

Chartwell’s newest case study profiles the TVA’s creation of a virtual home energy audit that leverages augmented reality.

Originally conceived as another option for customers to encourage more customers to participate in audits and help utilities reach their energy efficiency goals, the COVID-19 pandemic moved the virtual audit from an extra option to the only option for customers.

Image courtesy of Tennessee Valley Authority

Together with their partners, TVA was able to accelerate the rollout of the app by several months, launching on June 1, 2020 with a full release across the territory by July 1.

The most difficult part of the process was creating the same customer experience in an augmented reality application as customers have with a technician in their homes. The same technicians who perform home audits were trained to make their voices inviting and encouraging to improve the customer experience and TVA has found customers to be more engaged in the audit because they move through their home with the phone.

The virtual home audit is one example of an innovative program that we profile here at Chartwell. Chartwell case studies offer an opportunity for utilities to showcase new, updated, or innovative programs to the industry. We love our case studies because the participants are able to spotlight new accomplishments and engage with other utilities as the case studies pass around. We frequently hear of subjects engaging with readers and sometimes coming away from the call with more ideas on how to make their programs better.

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