Utility leaders leveraging Nextdoor for outage communications

A number of utilities on the Outage Communications Leadership Council are now leveraging the hyper-localized platform Nextdoor for delivering outage information, an initiative that has been further accelerated by testimonials from fellow members.

Feedback from leading utilities has been overwhelmingly positive and has helped other utilities on the Council make a strong business case to add Nextdoor as a new communication channel. Nextdoor has proven to be particularly impactful for utilities who are not currently sending proactive outage communications.

The Nextdoor platform provides targeted, neighborhood-specific communications to large numbers of customers — many of whom were not receiving outage information.

But Nextdoor operates very differently than other social media platforms—both in its subscription model and its day-to-day management– and thus requires a strategy all its own. Learn from other utilities who have successfully used this platform in their outage communications efforts.

A utility member recently shared several best practices including a detailed account of how Nextdoor was leveraged as part of their wildfire mitigation communication efforts. Since then, the platform has proven to be an effective tool for communicating with customers about public safety power shutoffs, which are a significant part of their wildfire mitigation work.

The Outage Communications Leadership Council is an invaluable forum for its members.

But don’t just take our word for it.

“The council enables us to learn what works and what doesn’t directly from other utilities. Documentation of processes and procedures given to us by fellow council members has saved us incredible amounts of time.”

-Manager, mid-size western utility

Read the full success story to learn how this utility collaborated with its fellow council members to take its outage strategy to the next level quickly. 

New and emerging communications channels are a frequent discussion topic among members of Chartwell’s Outage Communications Leadership Council, which has helped 55+ utilities in the US and Canada become and remain leaders in outage communications.

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