Consumer Trends 2023: Outage Communication and Resilience Are Key to Customer Perceptions

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is currently flat or in jeopardy for many utilities, as they are forced to raise rates to pay for rising fuel costs and infrastructure investments. This means that customer perceptions are more important than ever. Improving the customer experience through greater reliability and resilience, as well as effective outage communications, is key to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Service outages can’t be completely avoided, even with the best investments in grid reliability. But by making customers aware of efforts to improve service reliability and restore quickly, utilities can improve both satisfaction and loyalty. 

This report leverages analysis from Chartwell’s 2023 Residential Consumer Survey as well as Chartwell’s Tranzact benchmarking tool, which provides insights through post-event surveys, to explore customers’ perceptions of their utility’s reliability, outage communications, and efforts to improve resilience, as well as how each of those impacts customer perceptions. The report also provides guidance on which channels and information are most effective in outage communications.


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