Reducing Failed ACH Payments with Improved Validation

ACH payment processing benefits utilities and customers alike, serving as a quick, low-cost payment channel. In 2017, PSE&G set out to reduce returned ACH payments and the accompanying negative impacts on account standing, utility receivables, operations costs and customer satisfaction by enabling the validation of customer bank account numbers in addition to routing numbers. This validation, completed through the Early Warning Services database, greatly reduces the possibility of customers or CSRs entering the wrong bank account number into the customer information system, leading to a failed payment.

Attend this webinar to learn how PSE&G, which took home Chartwell’s 2018 Silver Award in Billing and Payment Programs, provided an interface that protects customer data while ensuring that users enter accurate bank account data, resulting in significant savings for customers.


  • Patrick Naples – District Manager, Payment Processing/Revenue Integrity, PSE&G

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