TEP Goes Door-to-Door to Support Customers Most in Need

Discover how Tucson Electric Power and UniSource Energy Services effectively supported low-income customers during the pandemic using a multi-pronged outreach approach. This session will highlight the successful door-to-door campaign that reached vulnerable customers hesitant to engage through traditional channels. With impressive outcomes, over 33,800 customers received assistance, resolving $16.3 million in past due bills. Explore the broader impact of this initiative on outreach strategies for other customer programs and learn from the valuable lessons derived from this experience. Uncover the power of personalized outreach in providing financial assistance and supporting those in need.


Denise Taylor, Director, Customer Care and Experience, TEP

With more than 25 years of Utility experience, Denise is a proven strategic leader in the utility industry.   She currently leads a customer team of 150+ employees in the areas of Contact Center, Billing & Credit Collection Operations, and Customer Programs. She also has previous management experience in both Pricing and Regulatory roles at TEP as well as Energy Efficiency and Renewable resource programs. Denise and her teams integrate actionable strategy and tactics to reduce customer effort, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and create a strong ROI for both the customer and the company.

Nicole Hopkins, Principal, Customer Centric Research and Innovation, TEP

Nicole Hopkins is the Principal for Customer Centric Research and Innovation at Tucson Electric Power. She has been with the company for nearly 4 years, mostly focusing on designing and developing innovative customer solutions. Her background is in customer service and training as well as software development and design. Nicole enjoys making data-driven decisions and helping lead collaborative discussions on innovation and customer-centric solutions to serve the TEP community. In her free time, she is a lover of National Parks and exploring the outdoors and has been an active volunteer with the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona for 11 years.

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